Competing for the Crown

What is this year’s prize package?

Our prize package includes cash, our custom crown and matching jewelry, embroidered sash, cut crystal trophy, and a fully beaded and stoned custom gown designed to your fit and specifications.

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What are the judged categories?

We’re committed to fair judging. There are a total 1000 points, and you are judged in sub-areas within each category. At the end, the queen with the most points wins.

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What are the rules and restrictions?

We are committed to a safe, fair pageant that holds competitors and judges to a professional standard. Know the official pageant rules before you register!

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Where do I need to be and when do I need to be there? What do I need to know about the venues?

The pageant is held on two different nights, at two different venues. Saturday is closed to the public for Female Personal Interview, while Sunday night is the public portion of the pageant.


What if I’ve never been to Seattle before?

If you’ve never been, or haven’t been recently to see the rapid pace of growth in Seattle’s tech renaissance, we’ve got you covered with our visitor’s guide. Learn how to get around and some of our favorite (mostly queer) spots in the city. 


How much does it cost?

Pageant entry costs $150 for the competitor, due at the time of registration on March 24. If you have additional performers in your talent, you must pay $10 for each (permits general admission seating when not performing).