Judged Categories

Points breakdown. Most important to least important. Question and Answer, 20%. Personal Interview, 19%. Talent, 18%. Presentation, 17%. Evening Gown, 17%. Swimwear, 9%.The maximum possible score is 1000 points. Each category is weighted by point value to comprise a portion of this total, based on importance. For example, Q&A is the most important category, comprising 20% of your overall total. Conversely, Swimwear is worth the least number of points toward your overall score. For each category, you will be scored by a panel of judges in several sub-areas. The head judge will tally the points awarded within each category and compute the contestant's mean score. At the end of the pageant, the contestant with the highest total score (minus any deductions) is awarded the crown and the tile of Miss Premier International. Contestants will be provided a digital copy of the score sheet and their judges' score/comment cards following crowning.


Miss Premier is looking for the next generation of professional queens. The Personal Interview category is quite literally a job interview. You are encouraged to dress appropriately for a job interview as a female, including hair, makeup and nails. We encourage you to relax and be yourself while conducting yourself professionally. We want to get to know you, so giving thoughtful, honest answers to the questions posed by the judges is a much better strategy than trying to guess what we want to hear.
Hair Makeup Outfit Speaking
1-30 1-30 1-30 1-100


Presentation is the first category where you will be introduced to the pageant audience. Our official colors are Aqua and White, and your presentation must be either one or a mixture of both of these colors. If you are stoning your presentation garment, the permitted types are Aqua AB and Crystal AB.
Hair & Makeup Speaking Use of Presentation Colors
1-20 1-50 1-100


Make sure your accessories match your swimwear concept. Think: elegant (generally speaking, less is more).
Hair & Makeup Accessories Swimwear
1-25 1-20 1-45


Please see the Official Rules section for the list of rules and restrictions pertaining to your talent presentation.
Hair & Makeup Costume Movement Lip Sync/Live Performance
1-15 1-40 1-50 1-75


Your gown must be floor-length. Suits, pants, shorts and wedding gowns are not permitted in this category. You must wear nails or gloves while on stage.
Hair & Makeup Gown
1-70 1-100


The top 5 competitors by score will participate in the Question and Answer category. Contestants will randomly draw their question, and have three minutes to provide their answer.
Answer Content Speaking
1-100 1-100