Official Pageant Rules 2018


Miss Premier is a female impersonation pageant. All contestants for the title of Miss Premier must be anatomically male and twenty-one years of age or older in order to compete.

Contestants must present a valid, non-expired, government-issued photo ID at the time of registration on the day of the pageant. Contestants without a valid ID will not be allowed to compete.

The Miss Premier Pageantry System does not discriminate against entertainers with silicone and/or hormones. Judges will not consider the use of silicone and/or hormones in the scoring of the pageant.


All contestants must be at the pageant venue to register and attend a brief orientation at the date and time to be published on this website and in the pageant flyer. This applies to all competitors, including those that have pre-registered online.

Failure to arrive by the listed time will result in an administrative point deduction.

Contestants will draw a number at orientation. Your contestant number determines the order of appearance in each of the judged categories.


Miss Premier is a professional title, and those representing the brand are expected to carry themselves in a professional manner.

Contestants and performers are permitted in designated backstage areas only. This will be explained in detail at call time on the night of the main pageant. Contestants must share limited dressing room space, including two bathrooms. Backup performers are only permitted in the backstage area during the talent portion of the competition. Contestants are otherwise only permitted to have one designated assistant in the dressing room area throughout the competition.

Backup performers are required to purchase a ticket which permits them audience seating when not performing.

Contestants, members of their retinue, and other performers are expected to follow the directions of the designated stage manager at all times. Your cooperation helps ensure everyone’s safety.

Failure to adhere to these backstage restrictions will result in an administrative point deduction per violation.

The use or dispensing of illegal substances will not be tolerated while participating in the Miss Premier competition. Immediate disqualification from the pageant will result for those that break this rule and the violator will be removed from the pageant venue without a refund.

Weapons of any kind are not permitted at the pageant venue. The venue security operator reserves the right to search contestant’s bags. Any contestant found in violation of the no-weapons rule will be removed from the pageant venue.

Any contestant or member of a contestant’s retinue that are caught in the act of stealing, tampering with, or damaging another person’s possessions will be immediately disqualified and removed from the pageant venue without a refund.

No illegal behavior of any kind will be tolerated. Illegal behavior will result in disqualification from the competition for the violator and immediate expulsion from the premises without a refund.


While on stage, contestants are required to cover any tattoos or body piercings. For all categories, contestants must wear nails, with the exception of Evening Gown, where a contestant may wear gloves if desired.

All contestants are required to remain on stage during the crowning ceremony and after the pageant to participate in publicity photos. Failure to fulfill this obligation will result in a loss any earned titles, awards and prizes.

Contestants must pick up any earned awards and prizes within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the pageant.

The winning competitor is required to sign a contract with Miss Premier International immediately after the conclusion of the pageant. Failure to sign the contract will result in forfeiture of the Miss Premier title and its associated prize package.

The term “year of reign” or “reign” are used interchangeably and refer to the contract term commencing with crowning on the night of Miss Permier International, and concluding 365 days later.

Within seven days of signing the contract, the winning competitor must demonstrate a working personal email address and cell phone number. The competitor must maintain functional access to their email and telephone during the year of their reign.

The winning competitor must appear at a minimum of one Miss Premier fundraising event during their reign.

The winning competitor is expected to conduct themselves professionally and courteously when representing the Miss Premier title and brand. This includes following all applicable laws. Violent acts of any kind will not be tolerated while representing the Miss Premier International brand.

In the event that the crowned winner is unable or unwilling to fulfill their obligations, Miss Premier International reserves the right to strip the infringing competitor of the crown and title and that person shall forfeit any unawarded prizes. Miss Premier International will then appoint the first runner up to serve the remainder of the current reign of Miss Premier with all of the privileges and obligations outlined in this document.


Contestants will be awarded points based on their performance in each of six categories. The points will be totaled, and the contestant with the highest combined score will be judged the winner.

There will be two different judging panels: Female Personal Interview, held in a closed-door session the night before the public pageant, will be judged by a panel of three individuals. The remaining categories, evaluated during the public pageant, will be judged by a panel consisting of five scoring judges and one none-judging tabulating official.

Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations conatined herein may result in administrative score penalties. These penalties are explained elsewhere within this document.

In the event that two or more contestants are tied in their final combined score, the title and the crown will be awarded to the competitor with the highest individual score in the on-stage Question and Answer category.



On the day prior to the public pageant, all competitors will report to the pageant venue in professional interview attire at the time to be published on this website and provided at the orientation. You will be interviewed individually by the panel of judges for a period of approximately twenty minutes. Failure to report on time will result in administrative point deductions.


Time Limit: 3:00

Presentation colors are limited to aqua, white, or a combination of these two colors.  pproved colors for stones for presentation are crystal ab, aqua and aqua ab.

The contestant is responsible for providing their own presentation music as the first track on an audio CD, clearly labeled with the contestant’s name and the word “PRESENTATION.”

There is a three-minute time limit for your Presentation. At the end of three minutes, both the music and the contestant’s microphone will be cut. Failure to yield the stage at the end of this time will result in an administrative point deduction. As a courtesy, the control booth will turn on a red light as a signal that the contestant has 30 seconds remaining.


Time Limit: 0:30

Evening gowns must be floor length, and must not be suits, pants, shorts or wedding gowns.

You must wear nails or gloves on stage.

Competitors will have 30 seconds to display their swimwear or gown, after which time they must yield the stage. Failure to comply will result in an administrative point deduction.


Time Limit: 7:00

Contestants must supply their own music for Talent. Music should be provided as the first track on an audio CD, clearly labeled with the competitor’s name and the word “Talent.”

If you will be performing live, you must notify MPI at the time of registration if you will require a microphone.

The total time for your talent presentation, including set-up and take-down, must not exceed 7 minutes. The total amount of time required for set-up and take-down should not exceed 3 minutes total.

The contestant and contestant’s backup performers must be in the appointed place at their assigned times. Failure to adhere to the timing limits described above will result in administrative point deductions.


Any type of presentation is acceptable within the following guidelines:

Gospel numbers are not permitted for the Talent category.

Contestants are permitted a maximum of four additional performers for their Talent presentation.

Your presentation may not risk or cause injury to the audience or any other person.

No fire or water may be used in your presentation.

No live animals of any kind are permitted in your presentation.

You may not engage in illegal activity while on stage.

The contestant is responsible for ensuring the complete cleanup of any glitter or confetti used during their talent presentation within the time limits stated above.

Failure to adhere to the content restrictions described above will result in a zero score for the competitor within the talent category.